Long-lived Cavaliers

Bramble Damson Tart of Stellar with her daughter Stellar Tribble.  Tarty lived to be 16 years old.  Tribble lived to just a few weeks before her 15th birthday.  Tribble was still heart clear at the time of her passing!


Tribble with her daughters Sarah (Stellar An Angel’s Kiss) and Delenn (Stellar Delenn).  Sarah lived to the age of 12-1/2.  She had a grade 2 murmur as a puppy, and still had only a grade 2 heart murmur when she passed.  Delenn lived to the age of 12.


Tarty(2nd from the left) with three of her Stellar puppies that were 14 at the time the picture was taken.  From the left, Cookie, Tarty, Tribble and Spanky.  Another puppy from the litter, Stellar Q (a Tricolor girl), wasn’t able to be present for the photo.)  Cookie passed away at 14, Tribble was just a few weeks before her 15th birthday, and Spanky lived to be 16 like his mother Tarty.  It’s never long enough, but they lived exceptionally long lives for Cavaliers.


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